Friday, 18 April 2014

Tighten Up

I'm painfully aware that I haven't written anything for over a month now mainly due to lack of sleep caused by a marathon training plan that's left me feeling like a zombie most days. It's been strangely cathartic in the sense that I've erased any fear that I had about completing the full marathon distance.
Long runs every Saturday morning starting from 15km at the start of the plan up to a 36.5km run a couple of weeks back have slowly eroded any worries away. It's been a revealing process into what your mind and body can achieve when you really set about to achieve something. At the start I remember finishing a 21km long run and thinking 'holy shitbox, that's only halfway' to now thinking 'will my bodyglide hold up another 6km or are my nipples going to fall off?'
I now start tapering on Monday morning and stuffing my face with pasta, pasta and er, pasta. I had a quick glance on wiki and apparently Beer is a good source of carbs so I shall use that instead of gatorade. The brief recess in training intensity has also allowed my race anxiety creep back in and I now find myself fretting about finishing times when I should really be focusing on just finishing the event. Should I? oh I don't know. I have a target time in mind but I also really want to enjoy the experience. That's not to say I'm not going to try my best but I can be my own worst enemy when It comes to setting targets. By doing so I could end up disappointing myself after spending the last 4 months training, waking the house up in the wee small hours as I creep out the door at 3am and boring anyone within earshot about running in general.
I think when this one is out of the way it'll be time to take a break, to rest and recover.
And maybe think about the KL Marathon in October. No, no, no. No more marathons.
Maybe an Ultra? That's not on the bucket list yet?

Anyway, just a short one this week, more soon on newtons new Motion III's soon.

On the subject of Ultras, there's one in Borneo called The Most Beautiful Thing and it looks absolutely amazing. You can read more about it on the Running Deo's Blog here -

Deorunner's blog

Also a big thanks to the wonderful Cornelius for helping to alleviate some of the pressure by blogging about the Borneo International Marathon route. It's good to read that the course is fairly flat apart from a big mahoooooooosive hill at 21km. Other than that there doesn't seem to be much info out there on the course itself.

Cornelius Blog